Morocco's dam storage capacity reached 54.6% per 14 February

Morocco's dam storage capacity reached 54.6% from 14 February, which is a total storage capacity of 8.31 billion cubic metres (m3), according to the Ministry of transport, public works and water management.

This level is lower than the one reported in the same period in 2016, when the volume of the water was a total of approximately 9.3 billion cubic meters, a storage capacity of 60.8%, added the same source.

The Ministry stresses the increase in water supply in a number of dams in comparison with the same period last year, including Ibn Battouta (from 11.9% to 64.8%), El Kensra (71.8%) and from 44.7% to 52% to 96%) of (Dkhila.

Other dams saw a decrease in water resources, such as Hassan II (from 76.4% to 20.6%), m. b. (A) Aaa (from 51.9% to 16%) and Asaflou (from 74.5% to 57.3%).

The Nakhla, El Bouhouda, Imi Kheng, Sidi Said Maachou and Ahl Souss dams had a capacity of 100% per 14 February.