Long lines at border crossing Sebta

The movement of people and goods to the Moroccan-Spanish border in the direction of Sebta is since yesterday strongly disturbed.

This is due to set up strict controls on the Spanish side, said a journalist of Le360.

These disturbances, which sometimes turn into a total blocking of traffic and crossing the border, are due to the "long and strict control" by the Spanish border authorities, reporting multiple citizens.

Long rows of traders also complicate the task for Moroccan customs officials and police officers. The Spanish police calls them back, after which she then in protest at Moroccan control post and the inand outputs. Park them and leave their vehicles on the spot as a sign of dissatisfaction, according to a police source. "This form of protest punished ordinary travelers and employees traveling to Sebta, and cause a huge traffic jam on the front of the Moroccan border," said collected testimonials.

Photocredit: Le360, Adil Gadrouz

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