Turkey has more than 3.5 million refugees

More than 3.5 million refugees live in Turkey.

The Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Sair said Wednesday that his country has included 3,551,078 people so far. That's more than three times as much as all the countries of the European Union together. Most, 2.9 million people, are refugees from Syria. There are also many refugees from Iraq crossed the border into Turkey.

The country has about 75 million inhabitants and has to the refugees about 25 billion dollars (23.6 billion euros). About 10 percent of the total refugees live in camps.

Turkey has according to Saif 52,075 foreign extremists from a blacklist of countries that the country not in May and 145 4369 people from nearly a hundred different countries are shown. The country that more than 1400 kilometre border with Syria and Iraq, is accused of being too little to do to the comings and goings of jihadists.