Ex-kickboxer Moutaharrik and woman in Italy convicted of links with Daesh

As many as six years in prison for him and his wife (see photo)

Ex-fighter Abderrahim Moutaharrik disappears for no less than six years behind bars in Italy. The Court recently came to this condemnation, as Italian media sources reported over the last few days. In addition to his wife, Salma Moutaharrik also got Baby, the same imprisonment imposed. The judge explained to them participation in terrorist organization Daesh charged and had enough evidence for preparations that would be done to attacks on the Vatican and the Israeli Embassy.

Their children, just two and four years old, are taken care of by youth care. Chances are likely that they end up in an Italian foster family. In addition to the couple also have two other Moroccan men hear sentences about yourself requirements. 6 years and 3 years and four months respectively, they would also have had a share in the preparations for the attacks. The evidence what the right persists consisted mostly of WhatsApp-talks between the convicts.