Almost quarter of Moroccans abroad experience discrimination on the labour market

23% of young Moroccans living abroad (MRE's) reported discrimination on foreign labor markets, 36% said they were pursuing their study, according to a study by the Ministry of MRE's and migration matters.

The study, conducted across 2016, questioned 2146 MRE's between 15 and 30 years old who live in Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and Netherlands. 63% of the respondents had a bachelor's degree and 80% were students.

The Ministry also reported that 75% of the surveyed MRE's at their families live and reported a need for individual housing.

The report also showed a strong attachment of MRE's with their homeland. 2146 68.8% of the respondents had "[Morocco's] national languages under knee", visited Morocco and 75% at least once a year, with three-fourths of these trips longer than 16 days.

The young MRE's also showed a strong desire to return to Morocco, 48% 62% to invest, to find work, and 50% in order to retire.

The report noted that 85% of young MREs are preferred for a Moroccan partner.