Trump comes with new ' re-entry ban '

The entry ban for the time being torpedoed by judges people from certain Muslim countries, is replaced by another measure next week.

This said the American president Donald Trump suddenly held a press conference on Thursday. Trump announced a travel ban with a presidential decree that so far has been successfully challenged by, among other things, the State of Washington. A judge in Virginia ruled in another case that the ban violates the Constitution because it is based on religious prejudices.

Trump did not say with what order he comes next week. He defended his first month of Government which, according to many observers has been chaotic. But Trump said he was a chaos of his predecessor, Barack Obama, has inherited. He also explained the resignation of his Special Security Advisor Michael Flynn. Flynn was just under two weeks National Security Advisor. Trumps candidate for the Labor Department, Andy Puzder, has this week on last minute as ministerskandidaat retired, because he was not on approval by the Senate seemed to be able to count on.

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