Rutte: build bridges but partially managed

The Cabinet is to fulfil its mission to the country from the economic and financial crisis. But it is only ' partly ' managed to build bridges to the society. That Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Friday at his last weekly press conference before the election.

' Build bridges ' was the title of the coalition agreement between VVD and PvdA in 2012 when the Cabinet took office. "In a society as the Dutch will always also differences and further to build bridges. But at that point is also much successful, "said the Prime Minister.

The country is, according to him, on the one hand, from an "optimistic majority", but also from a group "who feel that they have paid the price for the crisis". The coming years has to be ensured that also that group the recovery notes, said Rutte.

"The Government has the most important appointment with Netherlands. That was to with seventeen million people come emerge stronger from the crisis, "said Rutte. "But that recovery have we all done." He spoke of "a journey through the desert" which the Cabinet with the country has made.

According to him it is important that the present course is being held. "No experiments. Continuation of this policy that we can ensure that we are all going to experience that things are going better. Where we can keep Netherlands safe and stable, but also a country in which we interact with each other in a normal way. "

At the end of his press conference he made an appeal to go to the polls on March 15, mainly. "And certainly now there is so much going on in the world we need our freedom, our security and our democracy as far as I am concerned, cherish and protect as never before. And every voice. "

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