894 sent refugees to Europe Turkey

Frontex, the European Agency for the management of the external borders, has since april last year 894 refugees and migrants sent back to Turkey. It comes to people who stayed on islands in the Aegean Sea.

In april 2016 entered the Turkish-European Convention on the return of migrants. It comes to refugees from Turkey illegally to Europe travel. Get these migrants no asylum, then they can be returned. Greece closed already in 2001 with Turkey a bilateral agreement on the return of refugees. In the framework of this arrangement are the past fourteen months 1196 people returned.

The asylum procedure takes a very long time because the identities of many refugees only painfully falls, so shared Greek police Saturday. In addition to the returned people to Turkey, are a further 628 migrants sent back to their homeland in consultation directly.

Another 14,700 refugees currently reside in the Greek Islands.