Cyber Commission in the Hague from start

In the Hague is a so-called cyber Commission. This should propose going to do about ethics and internet safety.

Minister Koenders of Foreign Affairs at the international security conference in Munich Saturday gave the go-ahead for the Global Commission on the Stability or Cyberspace (GCSC), which is located in the Hague.

According to Koenders, the Commission at the right time, because according to him, now more and more there is cyber insecurity and fake news. GCSC unites more than 24 independent experts from Governments, the business community and the IT world from more than 15 countries. The Commission finds support among companies like Microsoft and organisations from the field as the Internet Society.

Netherlands is one of the largest internet exchanges in the world and one of the most ICT-intensive economies of Europe. "In the cyber domain for Netherlands large interests in the game, huge opportunities for economic growth and development, but also increasing threats. Clarity on international rules of conduct is of national importance, "said Koenders.

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