8 Tips for your job interview

Find a job is not always easy and certainly if you is rejected does this every time your confidence any good.

Here are some tips for your job interview, this probably just that little bit extra can do that job, which you will get:1. clothing

Appropriate clothing is important, but the question is often what is suitable? Suitable doesn't mean you tightly in the suit or with an expensive suit on call have to go, it is important that you feel fine in there and that this fits the culture of the company. Each company has now a website which you can access in advance, do this too! So you get an idea of what type of business it is. Also the accessories are important, make sure you have shoes on neat, no socks with cartoon characters and a neat belt or fun jewelry. Also, don't forget you personal care, not your hair tidy (or headscarf) and smell fresh are just as important. Mind you not too much makeup and perfume it does, this leads the conversation.

As with tip 1 you can Nowadays on the internet always find information about the company where you know like to want to work with. Make sure you know what kind of company it is, what their vision is taking some time to visit the website equally at ease.  It is not a good one to start if you have nothing to little knowledge of the company and/or over the function you are applying for. Sometimes you already know with whom you are going to have the conversation, take a look, for example, LinkedIn or you can find information about that person, probably you will find interfaces that can come back during the call.

In this often means 10 minutes from Netherlands before. This shows that you think is important, not only their time but also your own time for the call. Most job interviews are tight scheduled and that time would you like.

4. References

If you have specified credentials in advance This can come back during your interview. It is important that you not be negative talk about your old employer and colleagues. If you're on a nasty way are You can certainly call left (don't go too much on details), but appoint afterwards also the positive things that you have learned.

5. Take your time

Passion and passion is good, but you should also best occasionally take the time to think about an answer. A silence is not always wrong.

6. Strong features and areas of improvement

A question that comes back is almost standard what your strengths are, but also your less strong, your improvement points. Think here in advance. It is often difficult to say this of yourself and during the call you have no very long time to think about it. Do this so in advance and if you are really stuck you can probably still this even to your old employer or colleagues questions. You improve points is no sign of weakness, but demonstrate that you are aware of and to work, this is appreciated by an employer. Also remember what you want to do to further develop these areas of improvement and what it company in it can do for you.

7. Salary

During the first interview it is not intended that you directly asks for the salary but the one with whom you the conversation does this sometimes. Therefore think carefully about which fixed salary you expected. There are several sites on the internet where you can view which is an average salary is (for example, via http://www.loonwijzer.nl/home/salaris/salarischeck ), based on your age, degree and work experience.

Finally, turn your phone off or completely on silent. It's not neat as all of a sudden your phone off during the call or There is a beep click through a new facebookmelding. This leads the conversation off and is seen as unprofessional.