Sweden has no idea where Trump talked about

The Sweden don't have a clue where Donald Trump the Saturday in Florida about, when he talked about something with terrorism that Friday night in Sweden had taken place.

The newspaper Aftonbladet helped him lend a hand by an English page on his website with the ' main news ' in the country: include the voice problems of the 87-year-old singer Ove Thörnquist.

The US president had in place Melbourne again a case for a secure existence by inhabitants of Islamic countries to deny access to the US for the time being. On the basis of heavy attacks in Germany, Nice, Paris, Brussels "and the previous evening in Sweden", Trump clarified his assertion.

"Sweden, you believe that?" asked Trump his hearing, "they have large numbers of refugees and now they have problems that no one thought possible," said the president in his speech. Moments earlier, he had said that he had come to the meeting with his supporters about the truth, nothing but the truth.