Middle East should respond to the increasing demand of Halal tourism

A number of ' non-traditional ' holiday destinations are emerging as an option for Muslim travelers, said experts at a panel session on the Arabian Travel Market in Dubai.

There is a lack of halal hotels in countries where you that correct though. The UAE is a good example. Dubai has a world-wide reputation for high end hotels on the beach and most of them are not focused on the Halal market.

Shaza Hotels hotel chain in Oman would like to approach this and is busy trying to get the first Muslim friendly beachfront resort. Planned for the lush city of Salalah Oman in 2017, the resort consists of 200 rooms and 75 villas, each with a swimming pool and an optional shutter-like system for extra privacy.
In addition to this resort has provoked an increasing number of hotels opened in Muscat, Doha, Mecca and Riyadh.

One would, however, like to respond to the desire of the halal tourism but it turns out in practice however, tricky by various challenges. Issues where they at calls include;
combination of halal food and alcohol, what kind of tv channels does the client in the room, space for separate swimming pools and how do you make for privacy for families or couples?

Experts point to several successful models in Turkey with separate beaches and swimming pools.Source:

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