Backlight: we-society

If Netherlands an epicenter for the emergence of populism, then it's Rotterdam.

In addition the city is also the breeding ground of how diverse Netherlands there about ten or twenty years. The most diverse city Netherlands France's 180 nationalities and exists for the half from inhabitants of non-Western origin. In the City Council are two local parties facing each other: the populists of the first hour of Leefbaar Rotterdam and the by islam-inspired NIDA. How does politics in a city where the political Middle still further seems to crumble?

It is precisely in this city took care of Pim Fortuyn for a political landslide. For forty years the PvdA Rotterdam had controlled, but nearly 40% of the electorate voted in 2002 on Leefbaar Rotterdam. Since then the party continuously draws about 30% of the Rotterdam voters. Other than the PVV, is it still a populist Leefbaar Rotterdam succeeded with views real drivers to be party. Itself designates the party her success to the view that Leefbaar Rotterdam really listens to the residents of the city.

Verrechtsing counter

An emancipation movement was founded in Rotterdam in 2013 among Muslims to fight against the verrechtsing of the Rotterdam municipal politics: NIDA. Foreman is the former Green Left City Councillor Nourdin Eastlake. The party presents itself with the slogan: ' Rotterdam DNA, Islamic inspiration '. NIDA managed to 2014 with two seats in the Rotterdam City Council. Since then the party itself hard for a other vision of integration and for the religious freedom of Muslims.


Between these two extremes is Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb. To the great tension in the city after the terrorist attacks in European cities and to the attempted coup in Turkey Aboutaleb started with the capture, We-society. A project that he tries an open conversation between people of different cultural backgrounds to organize and as concrete as possible to close the gap between citizens and politics. Rotterdam 15 years after Fortuyn still seems to run on the rural politics. Who is the we According to Aboutaleb and how are we politely in a city in which the opposites so seem great. Throws Rotterdam us might have a look in the future of a divided Netherlands without a political Middle?

Sunday March 12 at 21.05 hours at the VPRO on NPO2