Famine in parts of southern Sudan

Parts of the war-ravaged southern Sudan have been affected by famine. This means that all people die from lack of food.

In a few months threatens nearly half of the population, 5.5 million people, no sure to have more access to affordable food, say the Government and three agencies of the United Nations.

"Unimpeded humanitarian access" to anyone who is threatened by hunger is urgently necessary in order to avoid a disaster, says UNICEF, the UN children's Fund.

The oil-rich and relatively fertile South Sudan since 2013 is in a civil war, leaving more than 3 million people within the country on the flight are driven. By acts of war and economic dislocation remains agricultural production behind and can food and relief supplies difficult.

"The famine is man-made," said Joyce Luma of the World Food Programme (WFP). The effect of humanitarian aid is limited, especially if there is no peace and no security for people who aid or assistance.

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