Kijktip: Tall tonight in new tv series kicks off with Ziyech and Nouri (video)

After to have manifested themselves internationally on YouTube gets Soufiane Touzani now the television as stage.

Soufiane Touzani kicks off tonight with his new television program ' Tiki Taka Tall '. The 30-year-old construct history over the past few years was mainly active for his channel on YouTube, the man with the largest bag of tricks all over the world. At several top clubs, both in Belgium and abroad, challenged Tall star out for his challenges.

Now Tall is displaying on Dutch television. In this new series he visits mostly players from the Dutch League, today the Loo of Ajax: Abdelhak Nouri and Hakim Ziyech. Later episodes with the brothers Daniel (Siem and Luuk), Nigel de Jong of Galatasaray, Karim El Ahmadi and Tonny Vilhena and Tommy Badie.

Assuming the trailer below promises what to be. So the first episode tonight with the two highlights of Ajax to 22:00 on RTL7!

[video = youtube; X0AXP8NrMsw] v = X0AXP8NrMsw [/video]

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