National Islam debate, ' preferably with PVV '

The PVV is ' cordially invited ' to enter the Netherlands's largest mosque to take part in the first national Islam debate.

That invitation is several weeks ago to the party of Geert Wilders and to nine other prominent groups in the second Room, sent in advance of the elections on 15 March.

On Friday 10 March is in the Essalam mosque in Rotterdam for the first time by political parties debated the role and place of the approximately 900,000 Muslims in Netherlands.

,, It seems to me the perfect job for the PVV to that conversation with us '', said Organizer Marianne Vorthoren, Director of the Foundation Platform Islamic Organisations Rijnmond (SPIOR). ,, We want to debate quite like that because you should be able to discuss with those with whom you fundamentally disagree. We still have heard nothing of the PVV, but that may yet to come. '' Some other parties have by now committed.

The umbrella organisation of Islamic organisations in Rotterdam-Rijnmond finds it,, high time '' to the debate, preferably with the lists of the ten most prominent parties in the Parliament. Vorthoren:,, just at this point they must show leadership and guts. ''

According to her include issues such as integration, immigration, terrorism, crime and identity to the most important themes in the election campaign. ,, Then there should be debated instead of with us over us. ''

In that national debate Islam shuns the organization not tricky issues, such as whether the islam fits in in Netherlands, or there is a place for them and the approximately 500 mosques and whether the Muslims should stop with the adoption of the victim role. Vorthoren:,, We see how these issues also in the Muslim community life. '' For that reason the debate in each case via livestream broadcast.

, Netherlands, is the most beautiful country in the world: we believe in it or "we pleuren"? '', is one of the questions during the debate, which is led by the former young imam in Amsterdam-slotervaart, Yassin Eaton. The debate is financially supported by the Foundation for democracy and Media.
Wilders responded just the invitation via his Twitter account: "No way. Except if I that mega mosque may finally close. And then the rest. ''

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