Refugees service may check mobile phones

The German refugees and migration service (BAMF) may soon mobile phones of asylum seekers claiming to the data on it. That may be needed to determine whether someone can win a residence permit or must be turned off.

The draft law of the Ministry of the Interior that confiscation of phones, is located in the various departments before it can be put to the vote. That has a spokesman announced Monday.

The BAMF can in this way easier behind the identity of asylum seekers come as which itself do not cooperate. According to the Ministry, this involves one individual cases and is aware that this measure intervenes in the private life. But the stakes are high. Opposition party Die Linke is against the law, which was announced earlier this month, because employees can read diaries and letters open with which they have nothing to do.

The foreign ministries of the Federal States and the police already have the right to read out data carriers.

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