Lindsay Lohan was ' suspicious ' with headscarf

Lindsay Lohan was recently, according to his own words, victim of ethnic profiling. The actress was checked when they, with a head scarf, arrived in London after a flight from Turkey.

"I was detained and ethnically profiled ... they looked into my passport, saw my name and went directly apologize. It also said that I had to alter my headscarf, "said Lindsay Tuesday in Good Morning Britain on television channel ITV.

The Mean Girls actress is, as she stated, very interested in islam and is currently studying the Koran. "I have no comment on something I'm not yet done with it. I do not think this is right ", she said. "It's a consideration."

Lindsay also went in to questions about her drug past. "The stuff was then very easy to get. I was 16, 17, 18, 19 and had myself surrounded with probably the wrong people. I listened to no one. "

During the interview the actress defended Donald Trump. She is convinced that the hysteria around the American president will be over soon. "People do being overly dramatic," she said. "Why do you have so slamming data out on someone, if you do not know yet whether or not he is capable".

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