Stolen Italian masterpiece found in Casablanca

A 17th-century masterpiece by the Italian painter Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, better known as Le Guerchin (1591-1666), is found by the judicial police of Hay El Hassini in Casablanca

The world famous painting is 2.93 m at 1.84 m and was stolen in August 2014 from the Church of Saint Vincent in Modena, Italy. The masterpiece is estimated to be worth between five and six million euros.

The perpetrators were trying to the painting to sell for € 940,000 to a wealthy Moroccan entrepreneur in Casablanca. The buyer recognized the painting and has contacted the authorities. The Italian Culture Minister Dario Franceschini has in an interview with the  Spanish international news agency said that the Italian and Moroccan authorities work closely together to ensure that this masterpiece as soon possible go back to Italy.