Gülen schools in Morocco finally closed after decision Ministry of education

The bullet is through the Church, finally no Gülen schools more in the country.

The Moroccan Ministry of education recently released in a press release that all the Gülen-education in Morocco finally of the job. In the statement is read that the Ministry recently all educational institutions, mainly the Al-Fatih education group, has closed. The students involved and pupils have now been transferred to public or private schools and have resumed their studies.

Not that long ago, the Al Fatih-group in defence against the decision of the Ministry. One explained the matter to the Court in Casablanca, this request for postponement of the closure, however, it referred to the Recycle Bin. Also a number of parents of schools would disagree with the choice of the Ministry of education.

After in-depth research could prove with certainty that the Education Ministry which was indeed taught ideological views Gülen schools. These are contrary to the prevailing norms and values in Morocco, which is a general prohibition of the educational institutions.

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