Night of the refugee expands

The night of the refugee this year not only in Rotterdam and Nijmegen, but also get an Amsterdam Edition.

That has the Stichting Vluchteling Wednesday reported. People who get involved, raise funds during the night sponsored walk money for emergency aid to refugees around the world.

The runners lay a trail of 40 kilometers. They run from Rotterdam to the Hague and from Nijmegen to Arnhem. For the Amsterdam Edition is a route to the North and East of the city, with the westergasterrein turned off as a location for both start and finish.

The night of the refugee is in the night from Saturday 17 June on Sunday 18 June. The kickoff is at midnight.

2800 participants ran last year more than one million euros. The sponsor event is organized since 2010.

night of the refugee
stichting vluchteling