FBI and Moroccan gendarmerie cooperation results in arrest French pedophile

Bold investigative efforts of both security services!

Recently it was announced, reports that the Moroccan medium Assabah, a French pedophile has been arrested. The 36-year-old man expressed itself with the contact with minors and so spicy pictures of them. This did the man all over the web, the victim which ultimately led to his arrest was staying in New York.

After the case came to light, presumably because the 16-year-old victim of schmallenberg, the FBI could soon tracing where the suspect was active. After getting his IP location turned out to be the man from Mohammedia to do his work. Later it was also known that he was Director of a foundation in the District of Sidi Bernoussi in Casablanca. When the US security services had brought in map the location of the man, it was decided to inform the Moroccan authorities.

So one could arrest the man. After brief research from his home place soon showed that he was very very active when it came to gathering and sharing sensitive and spicy images of minors. Will soon be made known what punishment the accused imposed can get.