DBB'er Faris k. not leaked to criminals

The police officer arrested Faris k. of the service monitor and protect (DBB) is not suspected of leaking information to a criminal organization.

This reports the Prosecutor's Office Friday. Would he have shared private information about his work and he is suspected of money laundering.

"At this time, the investigation found no evidence that he has shared information with a criminal organisation", it writes to in a note.

The judgment of security officer k. was not renewed, the supervisory judge decided Thursday. It announced earlier to appeal against this ruling to consider, but is now acquiesced. "It wanted to prevent him from potential witnesses. Now he's been at large is, doesn't it make sense to use this more reason to appeal against the decision of the investigating judge, "according to the notes.

The man was arrested last Monday. He was at the DBB in charge of making so-called environmental scans for the security of PVV leader Geert Wilders.

He was previously held, even though it now appears. In 2008 he is sentenced to a conditional sentence of 100 work hours due to the intentionally violating his secret.