Cape Town serious candidate to world leader in halaltoerisme to be

In the tourism sector is the halaltoerisme around the world widely recognized as a prominent growing area, with an estimated value of 200 billion dollars in 2020.

South Africa is one of the five most popular non-Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) destinations in the Global Islamic travel market. Enver Duminy, CEO of Cape Town Tourism, stresses that the city is busy for its halaltoerisme offerings.

Tourists feel welcome in Cape Town; Muslim tourists from the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Singapore, United Kingdom, United States, Malaysia, Indonesia, Kuwait, Qatar and South Africa indicate that they happy to know there is more and more accommodations, restaurants and tourist companies that on their Islamic needs.

Cape Town is a multicultural city with a vibrant Muslim community, whose heritage is closely linked to the history of the Cape. The city is also quite versatile: from the great attractions in the city to the beautiful nature with wildlife and idyllic beaches, and of the picturesque spice shops and mosques to the luxury fashion shops, diamond tours and top hotels.  There are travel companies which particularly focus on Islamic tourists with Arabic-speaking guides.Source:

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