Moroccan girl about appalling school conditions video goes viral (video)

The video did in Morocco and is central for the forgotten parts of the country.

A stone's throw from Morocco's largest port, Tanger Med Port, it is terribly poorly argued with one of the basic elements for Morocco's growth in the longer term. In a short video message if fast mass was taken over on social media in the country did a young schoolgirl her complain about the appalling conditions in which they education must follow.

On the images to see is that the students, from a village near the metropolis, should take place outside because the school building simply is not an option. In fact the building what should serve that function more like an construction falls. There is hardly any insulation or close window frames, and a place for the sanitary needs is already there at all. Now, of course, it is known that Morocco much inhospitable areas that the accessibility of places like this difficult, in this video is this image yet again confirmed.

The young girl repeats in the video time and time again to why this is being done to them and who has the control to change. The situation there is so dire that the lives of two fellow students fully depended on the help that the teachers had offered them, thus the schoolgirl.

[video = youtube; ea9uvnCqYiQ] v = ea9uvnCqYiQ [/video]