Syrian Oscar nominated visa denied

The Syrian filmmaker Khaled Khatib cannot attend the Oscar ceremony in Los Angeles.

The American authorities have the visa for the maker of the documentary White Helmets withdrawn. This reports Deadline.

The Office for internal security would be ' suspicious ' information about the documentary maker. That could mean anything, of involvement in terrorism to irregularities in the Passport.

Khatib and Raed Saleh, the leader of the White Helmets, were weeks in uncertainty by the re-entry ban was proclaimed by president Donald Trump, among other things for inhabitants of Syria. A week ago they made known that they had been given a visa and yet wanted to go to the ceremony.

The documentary White Helmets, on voluntary rescue workers in Syria, is nominated in the category short documentary. There is a view in the daily life of the White Helmets. "It's important that people understand that the same things that people live in Syria as they want: peace, a family and live without the fear of bombs," said Khatib.

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