Morocco goes even more surprising than these figures scoring in car sales to 2021

The future of the car market in Morocco looks bright.

In the period, according to research firm Fitch would 2017-2021 part of BMI, the auto sales could rise by as much as 47.1%. This is expressed in numbers than to have such a 260,000 vehicles extra in five years time, cites the Moroccan medium L'Économiste the survey company.

In the research report works Fitch the findings from. If the sector continues to develop as it does now so then assert Morocco itself as one of the larger partners in export to Europe and on the African continent. Especially local models, focus on Africa, the surprisingly good because this be respected by the customs in terms of taxes.

The possible growth can still be given provided that extra strength in other sectors and wage developments permit. Especially in the agricultural sector would be a positive impact on sales growth in the car market. Previously reported L'Économiste that compared to 23.6% increased sales with the 2015 calendar year: a whopping 163,110 transactions took place.

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