Famine is looming in Somalia

The signs for an acute famine in Somalia are becoming clearer. That says aid organisation Save the Children Sunday.

"Babies die, on the side of the road are animal carcases and desperate nomads pull through the streets with empty water buses", describes a spokesman the situation in the Somali region of Puntland.

The UN estimates that 900 million dollars alone is necessary in Somalia a "devastating famine". There camps more than 6 million people with food shortages. Almost 1.4 million children in the African countries Nigeria, Somalia, southern Sudan and Yemen are severely malnourished. If these children not be quickly helped, threatens starvation, Unicef warns. In more than a quarter of a million people came to 2011 by hunger in this region.

The drought in this region is caused by El Niño, a global natural phenomenon in which the oceans much produce heat. It can lead to flooding by heavy rainfall or to huge drought.

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