Morocco begins with immediate withdrawal from Guerguerat region

Morocco has decided to immediately withdraw from the Guerguerat region, according to a statement issued by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"The Kingdom of Morocco has noted with interest the statement on Saturday 25 February 2017, by the spokesman for the Secretary-General of the United Nations, on the tense situation in the region in the Guerguerat Moroccan Sahara, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in the statement.

The decision was made after the Secretary General of the United Nations, issued a statement Saturday in which he, Antonio Guterres urged both Morocco and Polisario insists supported Algerije's to "to exercise maximum restraint and to take all necessary measures to prevent the tensions escalate ".

Echoing the concerns expressed by King Mohammed VI expressed during his telephone conversation with Guterres on Friday, the UN Chief underlined that the regular commercial traffic should not be hampered and that no action should be taken that a change the status quo of the buffer zone.

He urged therefore that "the parties as soon as possible unconditionally withdraw all armed elements from the buffer zone, in order to create a favourable environment for a resumption of dialogue in the framework of the political process led by the United Nations. "

Immediately after the statement of the UN Chief was made public the Moroccan King Mohammed VI ordered the withdrawal of security forces from the region.

"Morocco takes note of the recommendations and reviews of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, which is in accordance with international law," reported the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

"In this context, and on high instructions from his Majesty the King to the request by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to apply and respect, the Kingdom of Morocco from today start its unilateral and immediate withdrawal from the region ".

"The Kingdom of Morocco hopes that the statement by the Secretary-General of the United Nations will make it possible to return to the situation which was previously common in the region, the status intact and with that the ceasefire is maintained, and the regional stability reinforced ", added the statement.