Abdelhak Nouri: "faith is at number one, with Ajax I get a empty locker room to pray '

On all facets Abdelhak Nouri is this season developed, so let him know to Metro.

Abdelhak Nouri is currently one of the largest talent from the Youth Academy of Ajax. As a youth exponent, he made his debut this season for the first time in the A-selection of the Locals. This he did in the KNVB Cup duel with William II in the ArenA in which he also scored from a free kick. This whole day was by his brother Mohamed Nouri recorded and then by Ajax TV in a vlog.

Opposite Metro left Nouri recently from about his current situation at Ajax, its location in the team and about the faith and Ramadan among other things. Together with the Editorial Board of the medium are instagram account by taken where the following question was asked: ' it was a beautiful month ', sign up here. Is about Ramadan?

Nouri replied: ' Yes, this is during the Sugar party, the end of Ramadan. In the morning you go to the mosque and there is something for everyone. That is very cozy. Then guide your a prayer, spoken. Then you go along family members and then drink with friends. This was when I was with my friends on path was. My faith is very important to me and I take seriously. During Ramadan I eat and drink nothing until sunset, also no water. Well to that I can if I have to play football. Since I have no problems with it. I can just play matches and training hard. I also pray five times a day. My faith is one. I think anyone who believes that should put somewhere in front because it is important. I pray also with Ajax, Yes. The people here are kind enough to give me my time for. Then I get an empty dressing room where I can lead my prayer. We respect each other all here at Ajax.De russeting in society I find disappointing. It does you just pain. As we at Ajax with all different people interact, as it would be in the society. It is a pity that it's not. '

abdelhak nouri