Kidnapper arrested in Insiya VS toddler

One of the kidnappers of the Amsterdam two-year last week in the United States held Insiya.

That let the police and to know in Amsterdam Monday. Last weekend would be another kidnapper at the airport in the Iranian capital Tehran are arrested, reports the associated press, but the police can not confirm that message.

The mother of the toddler is informed of the arrest in the US.

Insiya was in the morning of 29 september last year brought from the House of her grandmother in the Watergraafsmeer, where she stayed with her sister and mother. She is probably in her father's command kidnapped and taken to India. She would stay with her grandmother.

Were previously held for four people, but the public prosecution service (OM) left early this year know eight defendants on the eye. Among them is also the father of the girl.

The parents of Insiya lie in separation and for some time had a conflict over parental authority. Her mother had of the Dutch courts care about her daughter and the father if his child only under the supervision visits.

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