Testimony truck driver about provocations at border crossing Guerguerat (video)

In a video filmed on the Guerguerat border crossing testifies a Moroccan driver of the unacceptable harassment of the Polisario to try to prevent him from the road between southern Morocco and northern Mauritania.

Since mid-August 2016 are the tension accumulated in that region, where since 12 October 1991 a ceasefire agreement.

This testimony is that of a Moroccan truck driver who a few days ago, "intercepted" by the separatist front, halfway between the Moroccan border post Guerguerat and the border post in the North of Mauritania. The separatists threatened to "liquidate" him if he doesn't take the map of Morocco would remove those on the side of his truck.

The Moroccan driver refused to comply and returned to complained to the Moroccan security services stationed in Guerguerat. With maximum restraint, the Moroccan security forces did not respond to this provocation and they have the complaint only.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced yesterday that they have withdrawn, the security forces in the region at the behest of the Secretary-General of the United Nation and King Mohammed VI, .

[video = youtube; 3WI3Nw9LNPk] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 3WI3Nw9LNPk [/video]

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