American think tank praises Moroccan terror approach

The Moroccan approach to terrorism has a pioneering role worldwide, said Yonah Alexander, Director of the International Center for Studies in the field of terrorism (ICTS).

The strategy that Morocco has deployed to fight terrorism has proven its effectiveness and multidimensionality. "Morocco now shows the way for other countries through a thoughtful approach that allows us to the threat of terrorism in all its forms to understand, "said Alexander, in addition to Director of ICTS also a member of the prestigious American think tank" Potomac Institute for Policy Studies ".

Alexander did his statements at a meeting of the American think tank last Thursday in Washington. This included Robert Hunter, former Ambassador of the United States in NATO, and James Glimore, former Governor of the State of Virginia, present.

He pointed out that the Moroccan strategy, that is part of a full understanding of terrorism and violent extremism, not only satisfied with the security dimension, but also the socio-economic development and attachment to ideals of peace and tolerance essential and indispensable parts of Morocco's strategy. A good example of this is the fact that the Moroccan Government itself according to Alexander an imam training.

Alexander be during his speech also initiated by Morocco on the cooperation within the direct region and the fact that Morocco her experience and expertise in the region available to neighbouring countries, to combat ideologies by terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, but also Daesh Boko Haram and al-Shabab.

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