Support mother kidnapped more than 13,000 Insiya (video)

The petition by the mother of the kidnapped girl Insiya is already signed by more than 13,000 people Tuesday afternoon.

Nadia Rashid wants to ensure that the Indian authorities will cooperate with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs to get her daughter back to Netherlands.

The two-year-old girl was kidnapped on 29 september from the home of her grandmother in the Amsterdam Watergraafsmeer, where she stayed with her sister and mother. She is probably in her father's command kidnapped and taken to India. She would stay with her grandmother.

Rashid said in the petition that they from early morning to late at night to get back to work Insiya. "I will not stop until the moment when I can hold her back in my arms."

Rashid placed a moving video to the petition:

[video = youtube; X0zqvn7lhgs] v = X0zqvn7lhgs [/video]

The petition is .