Five of the seven escaped prisoners from youth detention in Salé picked up again

The police of Rabat and Salé has 5 out of 7 youth detainees, who were arrested for various offences, again.

The prisoners knew on from youth detention in sale by a fight to put in scene and thus the to obtain keys.

The police forces of Rabat and Salé knew Sunday night right away two of the guys arrest. One of them was arrested in the area immediately after the escape and the other later in his childhood home in Rabat. The other 3 are arrested Monday night near Laayayda, near the city of Salé, said the Directorate General of national security (DGSN) in a statement.

The prisoners were subjected to a judicial inquiry led by the Office of the competent public prosecutor to determine all the circumstances of the flight, reports the statement, adding that the research continues for the arrest of the two other suspects still on the run.

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