The bones of a dinosaur stolen in Morocco for sale in France

The famous Parisian auction house Drouot will be on March 7, the bones of an ancient dinosaur, found in Morocco and then illegally exported to France, for sale.

The skeleton that four giant fins had was by a gang who acts illegally exported to France in the bones, report the newspaper Al Akhbar. The bones of the 66 million-year-old Zarafasaura dinosaur were found in 2011 in Oulad Abdoun, near the Moroccan town of Khougibra. Oulad Abdoun is known for his excavations by archaeologists and the find of fossils.

Italian experts have the skeleton after four years for 75% know to recover.

With the nickname Loch Ness "is this unique model in many respects like a treasure and is similar, according to scientists, with a skeleton on display in the Wyoming Dinosaur Center in Thermopolis", reads the sales brochure that presents.

The auction will be addressed, the largest estimated selling price will be between 350,000 and 450,000 euro. Among the buyers you will find prestigious museums, but also lovers.