House cleaning at driving schools in Morocco

The Ministry of transport and logistics are about to launch an inspection visit (audit) at the 4000 driving schools in the Kingdom. Driving schools that do not meet the guidelines will be subject to sanctions.

The Ministry is determined to order in the field of driving schools and declared the year of 2017 the audit of driving schools. 4000 all driving schools in the Kingdom will be subject to this new measure. The Ministry points out that the audits, which the driving schools are monitored and kept under surveillance, will have a positive effect on road safety.

The driving schools that after checking does not comply they will get a time frame in which the defects that are found after the audit can correct and an action plan. Continue the driving schools do not meet the requirements of the Ministry, then they will face penalties what can amount to closure of the location, reports Lefr360.

The Ministry also reports that Morocco has a lack of driving instructors. There are currently 7200 instructors and the deficit is estimated at 1800 instructors. To find a solution to this big deficit there will be more instructors have to be recruited. There will also be given on the number of participants and the available seats that are offered, in order to increase the quality of the lessons.

There are also serious problems with the practice exam of the licence, including the corruption of the inspectors. There are several actions planned to fight this in the future, including the construction of new circuits where the practice exams are taken and where surveillance cameras are installed.