Moroccan hero saves Swiss woman on Mount Toubkal

A 40-year-old Swiss woman was rescued by a Moroccan young man on Mount Toubkal, the highest mountain in North Africa and Morocco, after an avalanche dragged down its hundreds of meters down.

The 25-year-old Omar Ait Ahmad told the story in an exclusive interview with Morocco World News.

The story began on 25 January 2017 when the Swiss woman and her partner were walking on Mount Toubkal, one of the most popular hiking destinations in Morocco. On the way to the top of a mountain, the couple fell down after an avalanche.

AIT Ahmad, near the incident, saw all of a sudden a group of tourists screaming and rushed. The man knew his fall down to break through his climbing gear to use and could soon be saved by toegesnelde bystanders.

Hereinafter referred to as the attention shifted to the woman, but a first search turned up nothing on. After the woman all night only outside remained in 12 degrees Celsius, A.k. decided the next morning with a friend to go searching. Only by the evening they found the woman with a broken ankle.

They helped the woman down for an hour, where another rescue team was ready with a stretcher. It took still 7 hours before they could reach the medical helicopter.

The next morning, the woman had surgery and Ait Ahmad has no further medical update on the woman.

The story of the heroic rescue spread on social media after Ait Ahmad a video posted in which he helps the woman down. The video is .

The full interview is to read.