Bussemaker opens education Institute, Morocco

Minister Jet Bussemaker (education) has Wednesday night the new building of the Dutch Institute in Morocco (NIMAR) in Rabat opened.

The Institute, which is part of the University of Leiden, the Netherlands has registered students in Morocco to gain knowledge about the country, the culture and the Arab world.

The NIMAR has been around since 2006 and previously fell under the Radboud University Nijmegen. In 2013 the grant was sure stopped. The Institute is a new start this year and will have a broader remit. This will give the Institute a library and the focus on preventing radicalisation.

"The renewed NIMAR is there to our worlds closer together," said Bussemaker at the opening. "It's a refuge for meeting and conversation, to spirits and to share knowledge." Also Mayor of Rotterdam Ahmed Aboutaleb, who is chairing the Advisory Board of the NIMAR, and the rector of the University of Leiden were present at the opening.

The NIMAR is funded by the ministries of education and of Foreign Affairs. The total grant amounts to 2.4 million euros.