Video surveillance in Moroccan prisons is enhanced

There will be more than 101 million dirham investment in video surveillance systems (CCTV) in different prisons in Morocco in accordance with the "General delegation of Prison Administration and rehabilitation ' (DGAPR).

The escape of seven inmates from a youth prison in sale last week, of which there are now five are picked up, has led to serious concerns about the State of the video surveillance in Moroccan prisons, reports Moroccoworldnews.The investment is aimed at strengthening the monitoring in the Moroccan prison centres and institutions. Strengthening of the safety and monitoring was already on the program and was a part of the modernisation of the prisons. The implementation of this programme is expected to be six take months.At present, the DGAPR more than 2600 surveillance cameras. These are divided about the different prisons and centres, all will benefit from This project.Several incidents of violence, drug use and misconduct to officers, have taken place behind the Moroccan prison walls. By incidents like this is a good video surveillance system a requirement for providing security in prisons. Advances in video surveillance systems will enable the prisons in Morocco more thorough monitoring and an increased level of safety for the prisoners and the public.