Moroccans ' Landless ' documentary (trailer)

Soraya El Kahlaoui made a documentary about the expropriation of land and driving out the local population from Douar Ouled Dlim in Rabat by the Moroccan Government.

Their homes and fruit trees were destroyed in 2014 and since then they live in makeshift camps.

The land was donated to the people in Douar Ouled Dlim in 1838 by the Sultan Moulay Abderrahmane in Exchange for their services. The tribe (Guich Loudaya), originally of nomadic origin, gave in return, traveling on and began farming.

As a result of enlargement in Rabat is there a high demand for the country for exploitation by developers and urban planners. The acquisition was set in motion by the Ministry of Interior under the heading "land needed for urbanization", then they sold the land below market price to developers.

According to the residents are the activities carried out in violation of a Dahir (Royal Decree) of 19 January 1946 and adopted by Mohamed V in view of the importance to protect the then mighty tribe.

The country is now in possession of the ' Riyadh Development Corporation ' (based in Saudi Arabia).

There is still no known date of the official release of the documentary.

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