Noteworthy: ' Morocco coach should resign at President Lekjaa '

After more than a year of marriage between Renard and Morocco seems at an end..

Where we could enjoy its beautiful poster earlier this week what awaits us in may, Morocco vs. Orange yesterday afternoon, there came a very noteworthy message out. According to 't usually well imported 11 ' Lions Morocco Pros would be the head coach of the Atlas lions, Hervé Renard, submitted his letter of resignation to the President of the Moroccan Football Federation.

This while President, Faouzi Lekjaa, earlier this week indicated that the still to Sandy TV rumors surrounding the possible departure of the Frenchman are not correct. The trainer that Morocco to the quarterfinals of the African Cup 2017 led would be very busy with his preparation for the next two games. Morocco is the end March against Burkina Faso and Tunisia respectively. In the foreseeable future he would make known the preselection.

The message is at present still no medium retrieved or contradicted. It is as yet still wait on a possible statement by the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF. Should it actually be that Renard resigned, then chances are he himself should his current contract surrenders. It would be a one-sided dissolution, Morocco would like really like to go through with the trainer. With a monthly salary of around 65,000 euros it can still be an expensive joke for the dubbelvoudig Africa Cup-winner.