1 dead in road accident in Spain with Moroccan bus

In a road accident in Spain is a Moroccan woman died, two other persons of Moroccan origin are light injured

The accident was made yesterday in the Spanish town of Puerto Lumbreras near Murcia, reports the Moroccan Consulate in Valencia.

The accident took place on the highway. A truck collided head-on with a bus from Morocco on board guests from Morocco came. The bus stood still at the time of the tragic accident because the car had bad luck, gives the Consulate.

A 57year old Moroccan woman who had stepped out and outside stood during the breakdown was hit by the truck and is directly lost their lives. Two other Moroccans were lightly injured and are immediately transferred to the Rafael Méndez de Lorca hospital to covers to be to their injuries.

The same source says that the wounded from the hospital now have been laid off and that the transport company that owns the crashed bus, has sent another bus so that the unharmed passengers their journey to France.

The Moroccan diplomatic services in Valencia are to the city of Murcia come to the necessary assistance to the family of the fatality. Furthermore, they will initiate the procedure to make the body of the victim to Morocco.

* Image is not the actual picture of the accident

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