Algeria Morocco goes border surveillance with large scale-up

The current international developments make extra alertness is necessary.

The Moroccan security services are currently busy in reflection on scaling up border surveillance with Algeria. According to the Moroccan Assabah medium would be especially the increasing smuggling of firearms and chemical weapons one of the rationales for the scale-up. It would especially go to the border crossing at Bab Sebta, North of the adjacent area with the neighbouring country.

Apart from arms dealers who take advantage of the lucrative smuggling trade is also very popular in terrorist cells that the ideas of terrorist organisations Al-Qaeda Daech and adhere. To guard against this smuggling and the potential hazards involved expected great investments of the Moroccan security services. It talks about the latest scanners, most advanced cameras and even the use of drones.

If there will be a closer cooperation in it with the Algerian authorities was not disclosed.

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