Netherlands complains to Turkey over campaign

The Dutch Government considers it undesirable that the Turkish authorities a campaign event in our country.

"We believe this is not desired and will transfer it to the Turkish Government," reports the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Hague.

Friday afternoon, it became clear that the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mevlut Cavusoglu, on 11 March to Rotterdam is to campaign for the Turkish referendum on a new Constitution. The Turkish authorities have opposite the Dutch Government confirmed "that a campaign event in Netherlands in the planning State," said the Ministry in the Hague.

The AK Party reports on Facebook that the Turkish Minister on Saturday 11 March appearing in party Center Park the glory in the Rotterdam District of Hoogvliet. Balaji and Vijay by MAINLY already had questions to Government about the arrival of the Turkish Minister.

In Germany ran the tensions with Turkey on Thursday when it became apparent that performances in Germany of two Turkish ministers were stopped. Turkey called the Ambassador of Germany even on the mat. Also in Germany the Turks wanted to speak about the forthcoming referendum compatriots (16 april) in Turkey. That referendum is about the switch to a presidential system and changes in the Constitution. Those plans give president Erdogan much more power.