Trump: Obama is a bad/sick guy

Us president Barack Obama calls his predecessor Donald Trump a bad/ill " guy ".

Trump took out Saturday morning to Obama in a series of tweets, in which he accused his predecessor of letting tapping of his phone. It was going to be phone calls Trump in the Trump Tower in New York claimed in the run-up to the elections of november 2016. According to Trump, the eavesdropping to no avail.

"This is McCarthyism," said Trump in a reference to the witch hunt that the Republican politician Joseph McCarthy in the fifties of the last century on rope put against Americans who he suspected of Communist sympathies.

"How deep is president Obama failed", tweeted Trump. That the alleged eavesdropping by Obama compares with the Watergate affair, the eavesdropping scandal that in the early 1970s led to the fall of president Richard Nixon.

According to Trump would be a good lawyer can make a big thing of the matter. "Is it legal that a sitting president prior to an election a race for President is eavesdropping?", asks Trump place.

The president did not come up with evidence to substantiate his accusations against Obama. According to The newspaper The Washington Post has extracted Trump possible following reports on the far right news site Breitbart. On the site was suggested that Obama in the fall "methods of a police state" had been used to Trump's team to keep an eye on.

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