European Parliament President praises Morocco immigration approach

Praise of the President of the European Parliament, calls Morocco do not miss this partner of Europe.

If it is up to the president of the European Parliament, Antonio Tajani, than does the European Union together with the Moroccan authorities for many years. Opposite Europe Press gives the preses to very impressed of Morocco's contribution to the immigration issue. Also in the area of the fight against international terrorism, Morocco has contributed much, said Tajani. Recently found there a meeting place between Tajani and a representative of the Moroccan Parliament. Tajani gave opposite this man to know the Moroccan Government is very grateful for the efforts made, he also thanked King Mohammed VI.

"Terrorism knows no borders, it is therefore necessary that all security services need to work closely together," said Tajani. Human rights and a proper democratic State are of paramount importance to the European Union. Tajani indicates that Morocco in that area one of the most developed Muslim countries.

The representative of the Moroccan Parliament that Tajani visited said: "Morocco is aware of the position and the important role that we take in this area. '