International report: Daesh used last 2 years 17 Moroccans for suicide attacks

An international investigation brought the strength of the terror organisation.

Daesh already has a lot of blood to flow around the world. Also in Islamic countries, where, on the contrary, you would think that do not belong to the targets, held the Organization activity. The ICCT recently did international investigation into where Dasch the past two years all guilty and what background to the bombers. It came a report roles, the facts do not lie: Moroccans are in second place when it comes to terrorists is deployed, no less than 17 times claimed Moroccan fighters a suicide attack.

1. Tajikistan:27
2. Morocco:17
3. Saudi Arabia: 17
4. Tunisia:14
5. Egypt: 11
6. Palestine:9
7. Iran:7
8. China: 7
9. Libya: 4

There is also in the report that in recent months Daesh especially focus on military targets and or in the immediate vicinity. In order to weaken the strength of opponents. It is further mentioned that the terror organization, which is now slowly pushed back on home territory, very committed to the medium suicide attacks. Apart from the large effectiveness, a weapon which is little preparation and/or financial effort.

Especially countries such as Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Nigeria and Bangladesh and shouldn't suffer. These countries are generally most affected by Daesh in the form of suicide attacks.