Roberto Carlos: "very happy to be here in Morocco to be '

The world star was in the country to open a Sports Center for people with disabilities.

It was probably not many failed to notice that former Pro footballer Roberto Carlos last week in the country. The former star of Real Madrid and the Brazilian national team, among other things, was in Tetouan for a special reason. As President of a Fund of Real Madrid he came a sports centre open for both football and basketball. That Center focuses specifically on children with physical disabilities.

"I am very happy to be here in Morocco," says Carlos. ' I would like to thank at this forward to the officials of the Centre and the people daily this special work. It will be for the children a special something. I hope that it is going to add to the beautiful city of Tetouan which I already find very special. '

The Center will accommodate as many as 300 children. These will be accompanied by 120 experts and experts the sports. The President of the project, Abdeslam B.t, say against Al Massae: ' I'm very proud that Real Madrid also contributed to this particular project, one of the biggest clubs in the world. '