Resident azc Grave fixed after arson

The police have Sunday evening a man from the asylum Center Grave in Velp held due to arson. By the fire that sparked dozens of residents had to be evacuated.

The fire around 19.00 hours in the room of the suspect. Then entrenched himself in the kitchen next to it and he threw stuff out. A special team of the police took it out of the building. He was taken to hospital and was found to have minor injuries. The man is then arrested and brought to the police station, said a spokeswoman for the police.

After the man out of his room had been extracted, the Fire Department could extinguish the fire quickly. There are no further injured.

The evacuated people can all at the azc spend the night either on their room, either in a room elsewhere, said a spokesman for the Centre for asylum seekers (COA). What has moved, the suspect is not known.